About US

AVEE, is the name that defines the parameters of performance and technology for the power products industry in India. It is a name that is synonymous to quality and reliability. Avee thrives on the philosophy of growth, but not just business growth. We believe that if everybody involved in our product feels benefited, we have achieved TRUE MULTIDIMENSIONAL GROWTH.

AVEE TECHNOLOGIES is a company where in team is working with great skills, talent and equipment from last 7 years. We have immense pleasure in introduction ourselves as the manufacture of ON-LINE UPS, LINE-INTERACTIVE UPS, INVERTER, STABILIZERS, SERVO STABILIZERS and many other power products.

Backup by deputing highly professional service engineer at your doorstep. Through continuous improvement in the product quality and technology updating which off course is hacked by customer's feedback. We are proud to say that there are negligible failures in the products we have supplied from last Seven years. The ultimate motto of our team is "Customer Satisfaction". This has been possible mainly due to the technical strength of our team.

All our products are manufactured under the supervision of highly qualified engineers by Process quality control and rigid testing at every stage. The products are always something more better in quality and a lot of less in prices. The products are always made available, whatever quantity required, whichever rating required, within time, within your budget. Moreover, the manufacturing process in close to perfection. The compliant rate in each product is close to zero. The company has been accredited to ISO 9001: 2000 certification by ICL Certifications Ltd. All our products are established in the market and duly patronized by valued customers like Banks, Airlines, share market, schools, institutions, advertisement sector, architects, hospitals, automobile industries & personal home users.

Service & Support

We provide direct support to customers in Jaipur whereas service in rest of the country is provided through our dealer-and-distributor network. Regardless of medium, we make sure that the customers get world-class service resulting in satisfied customers.

We are known among our customers for our commitment to quality. The secret behind the success of our products is the confidence that we have built in our customers by providing them timely service. A flawless service record inspires confidence in the customer’s mind and is a major factor in the success of any household products.

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